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Chogan perfume No. 062

Chogan perfume No. 062


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✅ 30% Duftessenzen - keine Fakes
✅ Qualität Made in Italy
✅ Tierversuchsfrei
✅ BIO & VEGAN zertifiziert
✅ Pflanzlicher Alkohol
✅ Kein Wasser

!!!! Für die 15 ml Parfums benötigen Sie ein Parfum-Taschenetui. !!!!


Chogan Parfum No. 062 embodies the essence of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. The refreshing top note presents lively citrus accords and invigorating bergamot. The heart note reveals a sensual fusion of exotic flowers and warm cedar wood. The base note, characterized by captivating musk, gives the fragrance a long-lasting, seductive dimension. Chogan Parfum No. 062 is an expression of timeless class and individual elegance for special moments.

Fragrance: The fragrance opens with an accord of aquatic notes of basil and flowers. The heart note is an olfactory new discovery: the Moepel accord, a South African wood with floral, luxurious and balsamic accents reminiscent of honey. The masculine character is enhanced by notes of tobacco, dry hay and bran. The contrasts of the base notes give the fragrance intensity and power through the clever combination of amber, musk, labdanum, sandalwood and cypress.

Fragrance family: Aromatic - Woody

Scent pyramid:
Top notes: aquatic notes, basil, geranium, lavender, marigold
Heart notes: bran, hay, moepel wood, clary sage, tobacco blossom
Base notes: amber, labdanum, musk, sandalwood, cypress


Spray a small amount of perfume directly on the preferred part of the body: on the neck, behind the earlobes, on the chest. Or spray the perfume in front of you and immerse yourself in the cloud of scent.


Do not spray on an open flame or other source of ignition. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.


Alcohol denat, parfum, linalool, limonene, coumarin, citral, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ben W.

Sehr beeindruckend, ich bekomme ständig Komplimente.

Anna M.

Einzigartiger Duft, den ich so noch nie gerochen habe.

David P.
Perfekt für jeden Anlass

Perfekt für jeden Anlass, ob Tag oder Nacht.

Clara H.
Nicht mein Geschmack

Leider nicht mein Geschmack, zu stark.

Emma S.
Lang anhaltend

Hält den ganzen Tag, sehr zufrieden.

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Timeless elegance

Discover the essence of timeless elegance with Chogan Parfum 062. This fragrance embodies the quintessence of masculinity and offers a deep and sophisticated fragrance experience that takes you to new horizons.

Chogan is more than just a perfume, it is a statement of sophistication. When you wear it, you become the embodiment of class and style. The opening of this fragrance is a sensory journey where the spicy freshness of the opening chords washes over you and awakens your senses.

The heart note of Chogan Parfum 062 reveals a wonderful mix of wood and tobacco notes. These notes evoke a masculine sophistication, a depth of character that is at once beguiling and captivating. You find yourself enveloped in a veil of warmth and wealth that creates an aura of undeniable charisma.

The base of this fragrance is characterized by leather notes, which give this extraordinary composition the finishing touch. Leather represents masculinity and power, giving this fragrance impressive longevity so you can wear it all day long.

Chogan Parfum 062 is more than a perfume, it is a statement of elegance, an olfactory signature that distinguishes you. Wear it on special occasions, for your moments of conquest and fulfillment. Let this fragrance remind you that elegance is timeless and that sophistication is your ally in every situation.

Immerse yourself in the world of timeless elegance with the Chogan perfume. With every spray, you'll amplify your presence, elevate your style and leave an indelible impression. Dare to be elegant with Chogan.