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Chogan perfume No. 090

Chogan perfume No. 090


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Chogan Parfum No. 090 is a high-quality fragrance that embodies elegance and sophistication. With a carefully selected blend of exquisite ingredients, this unique scent unfolds on the skin. The top note presents fresh citrus notes that have an immediately invigorating effect. The heart note reveals floral accents that give it a feminine and seductive aura. The base note consists of warm woody notes that give the perfume a sensual depth.

Chogan Parfum No. 090 is a timeless fragrance that can be worn both during the day and in the evening. With its long-lasting effect, it leaves a lasting impression. Immerse yourself in the world of Chogan and let yourself be enchanted by its unique composition.

Fragrance: A bittersweet floral scent made from precious raw materials: it opens with notes of bitter orange that merge into a floral heart of spicy and sensual rose de grasse and damask rose. The base note is warm with oriental sweetness, characterized by tonka beans, sandalwood and vanilla.

Fragrance family: Sweet - Gourmand

Scent pyramid:

Top notes: bitter orange, lemon
Heart notes: orange blossom, rose
Base notes: cashmeran, heliotrope, almond, sandalwood, tolu balsam, tonka bean, vanilla


Spray a small amount of perfume directly on the preferred part of the body: on the neck, behind the earlobes, on the chest. Or spray the perfume in front of you and immerse yourself in the cloud of scent.


Do not spray on an open flame or other source of ignition. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.


Alcohol denat, parfum, linalool, limonene, hydroxycitronellal, coumarin, hexyl cinnamal, alpha-isomethyl ionone, citronellol, citral, geraniol.

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The bold enchantment of modern seduction

Immerse yourself in the beguiling world of Chogan 090, a seductive fragrance that embodies boldness and seduction. Experience a beguiling olfactory journey where captivating chords merge harmoniously with sweet and spicy notes, creating an enchanting symphony that evokes the mysterious charm of a modern and seductive woman.

From the first whiff you will be seduced by the lively freshness of the notes, evoking a lively and sparkling energy. An exhilarating feeling takes you into a whirlpool of lust and seduction, like an intoxicating dance under brilliant lights.

This unique fragrance Chogan 090 then evolves into more intense and captivating chords, revealing a bold and seductive facet that leaves an indelible impression. The sweet and spicy notes unfold delicately and give the whole a touch of mystery and sensuality, while the floral notes give the fragrance a beguiling softness.

Chogan Parfum 090 is much more than just a fragrance; it is a true statement of independence and seduction. It is intended for the modern woman who likes to stand out from the crowd and exert an irresistible charm. It celebrates boldness and confidence.

Let this unique scent wrap you in a beguiling veil and let its mysterious charm inspire you to embrace your seductive side. You will be irresistibly enchanted and leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go.

Assert your self-confidence with the fragrance of Chogan 090, a symphony of fragrances that celebrates the courage to seduce with charm and femininity. Express yourself fully and embrace your power of seduction with this fragrance that will become your olfactory signature, leaving an unforgettable footprint on the path to a beguiling seduction. Succumb to the beguiling charm of Chogan, an invitation to reveal the mysterious seductress within you.