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Wcbrill – descaling cleaner with bleaching effect

Wcbrill – descaling cleaner with bleaching effect


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WCBRILL is a cleaning agent with a germ-dissolving effect of all kinds and with a clear effect


  • WCBRILL is an innovative concentrated descaling agent with a brightening effect. Specially developed for all sanitary ware and ceramics.
  • Removal of scale, rust residue, stains and blackening.
  • Restoring the original shine of treated surfaces.
  • It also eliminates bad smells and prevents them from forming.
  • Thanks to its bactericidal and fungicidal effects, WCBRILL has a high disinfectant effect and completely removes incrustations on which germs and bacteria lurk.
  • The viscosity of the product increases adhesion to the toilet walls and enables a perfect cleaning effect on vertical surfaces.
  • WCBRILL was developed with the utmost respect for the environment and the user.

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