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Chogan perfume No. 112

Chogan perfume No. 112


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✅ 30% Duftessenzen - keine Fakes
✅ Qualität Made in Italy
✅ Tierversuchsfrei
✅ BIO & VEGAN zertifiziert
✅ Pflanzlicher Alkohol
✅ Kein Wasser

!!!! Für die 15 ml Parfums benötigen Sie ein Parfum-Taschenetui. !!!!


Chogan Parfum No. 112 develops a sensual aura that fascinates. The refreshing top note presents a mix of fruity mandarins and tangy bergamot. The seductive blossom of jasmine unfolds in the heart note, accompanied by warm vanilla. The base note combines woody accents with sensual musk, giving the fragrance a long-lasting depth.

This fragrance is an ode to femininity that captivates the senses with elegance and charm, an olfactory masterpiece for the modern woman. Wear Chogan Parfum No. 112 and make an unforgettable olfactory statement.

Fragrance: A scent that combines bright notes of citrus and flowers with a hint of amber that caresses the senses and leaves a sparkling but long-lasting trail.

Fragrance family: Aromatic - Citrus

Scent pyramid:
Top notes: bergamot, bitter orange, lavender, mandarin orange, myrtle, rosemary, lemon

Heart notes: jasmine, sticky seeds, neroli, orange blossom
Base notes: amber, ambrette or musk mallow, angelica


Spray a small amount of perfume directly on the preferred part of the body: on the neck, behind the earlobes, on the chest. Or spray the perfume in front of you and immerse yourself in the cloud of scent.


Do not spray on an open flame or other source of ignition. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.


Alcohol denat, parfum, limonene, linalool, geraniol, citral, citronellol, hydroxycitronellal, eugenol, farnesol.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elena B.

Einfach bezaubernd, ich liebe es.

Stefan M.
Übertrifft Erwartungen

Übertrifft meine Erwartungen bei weitem.

Johann W.

Exzellenter Duft und Service.

Martina F.
Wunderbarer Duft

Wunderbarer Duft, der den ganzen Tag hält.

Klaus S.

Mein neuer Lieblingsduft.

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The refreshing essence of the Mediterranean

Discover Chogan Parfum 112, a fragrance that evokes the splendor of the Mediterranean and the freshness of sea breezes. Immerse yourself in a symphony of scents that celebrates vibrancy and vitality, evoking a fragrance experience that stimulates the senses and leaves an unforgettable impression.

With the first whiff, a breeze of fresh, tangy citrus fruits is reminiscent of the sunny coasts of Italy. The citrus accord unfolds with captivating vibrancy, creating a fragrance experience that evokes both lightness and energy.

This unique Chogan Parfum 112 evolves to reveal a complexity that reflects the diversity of the Mediterranean landscapes. The notes interweave with beguiling elegance, creating an olfactory symphony that evokes both invigorating freshness and sophistication.

Chogan Parfum 112 is more than just a fragrance. It is an invitation to an olfactory journey along the Italian coast, a sensual excursion to the essence of the Mediterranean. Designed to envelop its wearer in a fragrant veil of vitality, it embodies the art of leaving an olfactory footprint that evokes freshness and natural beauty.

Wrap yourself in this unique scent reminiscent of the enchanting Mediterranean and leave a scent trail that will accompany you all day and night. Use it elegantly, let it reveal your invigorating side and create olfactory memories that leave a lasting impression.

Discover Chogan Parfum 112, a symphony of fragrances that celebrates Mediterranean freshness with captivating vibrancy. Let this fragrance become an extension of your personality and leave an unforgettable imprint that evokes the lightness and vitality of the Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in the world of fragrance with Chogan Parfum 112, an invitation to experience the freshness and natural beauty in every moment.