Become a CHOGAN sales partner

Become an independent sales partner at CHOGAN
and build your own business.

CHOGAN offers you an ideal way to work from anywhere,
You can earn money independently and flexibly.

You have free access to all learning modules to further educate yourself in your business

Free and flexible scheduling, divide your time the way that suits you best, even outside of your job.

Work from home, regardless of location and flexibly from anywhere in the world.

The products do not need to be purchased in advance, no storage costs.

You can present the Chogan brand and your business anywhere.

Start today and benefit from the great earning potential.

  • Low initial investment

    To get started and to activate your advisor account, all you need to do is register using my link and put the starter kit in your shopping cart: this is the fragrance case with 130 perfume testers and 1 to 2 products of your choice. A one-off investment of around €120-130

  • Individual entry

    You are welcome to start your Chogan business as a part-time job at the beginning, without any financial pressure, with free scheduling, flexible and from anywhere.

  • 2 earning opportunities

    As a CHOGAN CONSULTANT you earn in two ways. Once directly on product sales with a very profitable trading margin and on commission, through the sales of your own team sales network.

Do you want to start today?

All you need is our ADVANCED kit, a scent case with 130 samples and 100 points in the shopping cart.

A one-off investment of approximately €130.

Register with my link, I will help you step by step to successfully build your own business.

Join my team, I will help you with all the steps you need to successfully start your business.

Register here, I look forward to seeing you:

Feel free to write to me with your questions or arrange an appointment

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