What is CHOGAN?

The CHOGAN Group is an Italian company founded in Italy in 2013. It is the largest Italian company of products for general consumption.

CHOGAN offers, among other things, products in the areas of perfumes, facial, body and hair care. All products are of excellent quality and made in Italy.

  • Made in Italy

  • 100% organic

  • 100% vegan

  • Not tested on animals


Chogan has a licensing agreement with Fragworld. This partnership forms the basis for the production of Chogan's high-quality products.

High quality scents

Our perfumes contain the ORIGINAL fragrance essences. Fragrance essences are very difficult, if not impossible, to protect/patent. The companies can protect the name, the bottle and the brand, but not the fragrance composition. If this were possible, the variety of perfumes would be limited because there are not unlimited scents!

CHOGAN buys the fragrance essences from exactly the same manufacturer (Fragworld) as the large, well-known companies and processes them into perfumes, shower gels and much more in Italy. This happens without the addition of water and without chemical fixatives. This means the scent is not watered down and lasts longer.


Based in Seillans on the Cote D'azur in France, Fragworld is one of the world's largest manufacturers of fragrance essences and concentrates for further processing into perfumes, room fragrances, cosmetics and cleaning products.