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Chogan perfume No. 114

Chogan perfume No. 114


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✅ 30% Duftessenzen - keine Fakes
✅ Qualität Made in Italy
✅ Tierversuchsfrei
✅ BIO & VEGAN zertifiziert
✅ Pflanzlicher Alkohol
✅ Kein Wasser

!!!! Für die 15 ml Parfums benötigen Sie ein Parfum-Taschenetui. !!!!


Chogan Parfum No. 114 is a seductive fragrance composition that perfectly combines elegance and sensuality. The top note opens with a fresh mix of tangy citrus accords and sweet bergamot. The sensual depth of rose and jasmine unfolds in the heart note. The base note presents warm notes of vanilla and sandalwood, which give the fragrance a long-lasting and captivating dimension.

This fragrance is a timeless companion for women who want to emphasize their femininity with style and self-confidence. A touch of Chogan Parfum No. 114 is enough to leave an unforgettable scent trail.

Fragrance: A fragrance that releases the spicy and earthy aromas of agarwood (agarwood). This precious and powerful element combines with notes of benzoin, incense and raspberry to create a sophisticated and almost mystical combination.

Fragrance family: Woody - Oriental

Scent pyramid:
Top notes: bergamot, raspberry, lemon
Heart notes: geranium, jasmine, rose, saffron, cinnamon

Base notes: Agarwood, Ambergris, Musk, Nagarmotha, Sandalwood, Skin, Vanilla


Spray a small amount of perfume directly on the preferred part of the body: on the neck, behind the earlobes, on the chest. Or spray the perfume in front of you and immerse yourself in the cloud of scent.


Do not spray on an open flame or other source of ignition. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.


Alcohol denat, parfum, linalool, citronellol, benzyl benzoate, limonene, geraniol, benzyl alcohol, cinnamyl alcohol, eugenol, cinnamal, citral, farnesol.

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Julia K.
Sehr zufrieden

Sehr zufrieden mit dem Kauf, toller Duft.

Laura P.

Hervorragender Duft und exzellenter Service.

Tom L.
Toller Kundenservice

Der Kundenservice war ausgezeichnet und sehr hilfreich.

Max M.
Fantastischer Duft

Der Duft ist fantastisch und hält lange an.

Oliver S.
Nicht schlecht

Nicht schlecht, aber könnte länger halten.

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Chogan perfume 114

Discover the essence of sophistication and mysticism with Chogan Parfum 114. Inspired by the art of travel and adventure, this captivating fragrance invites you to immerse yourself in a world full of rich nuances and unforgettable sensory experiences.

An ode to exploration is much more than just a perfume, it is an invitation to explore the farthest reaches of your soul. With every spray it takes you to unknown horizons and awakens memories of mysterious landscapes and unforgettable encounters.

Beguiling notes The fascinating top notes are reminiscent of the freshness of starry nights with accords of spicy saffron and earthy cypress. The heart of the fragrance reveals a beguiling blend of leather and damask roses, creating a captivating emotional depth. Finally, the base reveals notes of cedar, patchouli and oud, ensuring long-lasting persistence and elegance.

A Personal Signature Each spray of Chogan Parfum 114 creates a unique olfactory signature that evokes your personality and confidence. Whether for a special evening or a day at the office, this versatile scent will perfectly complement your style.

Quality and Durability At Chogan we are committed to delivering fragrances of the highest quality. Chogan Parfum 114 is formulated to last, with long-lasting durability to accompany you throughout the day.

Take the adventure with you. Embark on a journey of the senses with Chogan Parfum 114. Order your own today and explore the world of luxury perfumery, where adventure and elegance meet to create an unforgettable fragrance experience. Every spray is an invitation to explore and discover.