Shower with Olfazeta and pamper your senses!

Relax and let yourself be pampered by your favorite scents?
The new scented shower gels from Olfazeta ensure a long-lasting, invigorating fragrance experience.

They have a smooth texture and a mild formula. True lovers of our brand will be delighted by the long-lasting scents and will enjoy combining them with our Extraits de Parfum.

Our shower gels for you impress with their gentle, elegant and feminine scents. Here are the order numbers: BSF042 , BSF010 , BSF119 , BSF007 , BSF051 , BSF055 , BSF121 , BSF080 , BSF019 , BSF023 .

Our shower gels for him impress with their intense, woody and aromatic scents. Here are the order numbers: BSF001 , BSF094 , BSF061 , BSF016 , BSF068 , BSF005 , BSF002 , BSF020 , BSF033 .

This shower gel impresses with the contrast of gourmand notes of coffee and intense floral notes. Here is the order number: BSF105 .