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The Chogan anti-cellulite body cream prevents the formation of fat deposits and water retention, helps combat existing cellulite and prevents its appearance. The synergy of plant extracts of horse chestnut, horsetail, ivy, birch and cocoa promotes skin elasticity, contributes to the normalization of capillary fragility and combats fluid retention, improving microcirculation, reducing edematous conditions and toning the body areas prone to sagging and loss of tone. Application: Apply to the areas to be treated and massage in circular movements until the cream is absorbed.

Apply twice daily for best results.

Chogan Firming body cream with cold effect is a soft and particularly smooth cream that is also ideal for massage. Thanks to its ingredients and formulation, it gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and is particularly suitable for tightening the skin on the hips, buttocks, inner thighs and arms. With regular use, the skin becomes firmer and more compact.

How to use: Apply to affected areas of the body (legs, hips, buttocks and arms) and massage until completely absorbed.

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