Mit Olfazeta duschen und die Sinne verwöhnen!

Shower with Olfazeta and pamper your senses!

Relax and let yourself be pampered by your favorite scents?
The new scented shower gels from Olfazeta ensure a long-lasting, invigorating fragrance experience.

They have a smooth texture and a mild formula. True lovers of our brand will be delighted by the long-lasting scents and will enjoy combining them with our Extraits de Parfum.

Our shower gels for you impress with their gentle, elegant and feminine scents. Here are the order numbers: BSF042 , BSF010 , BSF119 , BSF007 , BSF051 , BSF055 , BSF121 , BSF080 , BSF019 , BSF023 .

Our shower gels for him impress with their intense, woody and aromatic scents. Here are the order numbers: BSF001 , BSF094 , BSF061 , BSF016 , BSF068 , BSF005 , BSF002 , BSF020 , BSF033 .

This shower gel impresses with the contrast of gourmand notes of coffee and intense floral notes. Here is the order number: BSF105 .

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